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World Snowboard Federation

World Snowboard Federation is an international non profit organisation exclusively working to develop and taking care for the sport of snowboard at all levels including, competitions and education, disable and adaptive snowboarding, snowboard activities for riders of any age. WSF was formed on August 10th 2002 in Munich, by delegates from 14 nations – in order to fill the void after the collapse of ISF. The initiative was taken by Japan and Norway – with support from most of the nations worldwide. The Federation became operational late November 2002.

WSF represents a network of national snowboard associations which cooperate world wide for the sport development. Members find in WSF a source of inspiration and support at their activities. WSF creates added value for everybody involved in snowboard on national level and can offer ideas, manuals and initiatives as a result of being together in one organization with the same goal: Progression of Snowboarding at All Levels.

WSF projects includes: Cooperation with World Snowboard Tour for the 1.2.3 Star events, World Rookie Tour, Disable Snowboard Program for admission at Winter Paralympic Games, World Snowboard Day with EuroSIMA, General Assemblies, Educational programmes and workshops for Instructors, Shapers, Judges, Technical Delegates club managers,


We are aiming at organising stimulating and fun activities that can make the snowboarding grow and develop in the spirit of the original, genuine culture that has been created by the pioneers of snowboarding and the pro-riders – the heroes of the kids.

WSF Development

We have been focusing the preparation of future activities, building up a new network of dedicated snowboard-managers and leaders worldwide through national organisations. WSF have been coordinating exchange of know-how, support and activities. Our target-group has been the kids, youngsters and rookies in all nations and national activities in general. In a very short time of operation we have been recognised by almost all nations. We have been especially involved with new upcoming snowboard-nations/regions and are very happy to see the increasingly strong growth and development in Eastern Europe, and Asia. We also have close relations to and ranking cooperations with the TTR making links from our grassroot-activities to the pro-level.

WSF Organisation & Management

The management is originally located at HQ in Prague, financed by membership-fees. After last general assembly 2006 in Prague, the organization of the WSF was splitted in different head quarter (Norway, Italy, Russia, Czech Republic, Japan, Canada) according to the task of different working group. WSF organisational activities are taken care by experienced professionals in many countries, with dedication for the sport and an efficient way of working. WSF is a reliable and predictable partner, based on network-activity. Our working concept is to be catalytic, stimulating and coordinating in order to achieve our goals. The board members consist of delegates from Japan, Russia, Italy, Czeck Republic, Canada and Norway.

WSF Future Perspectives

WSF realise that our future work will depend on cooperation with all parties that have the same goals as WSF: growth and development of snowboarding world wide. This includes the relation to the Industry, Pro-riders, event-organisers and many more.

WSF Members

WSF network include 39 National Snowboard Association from all over the world. Full list with additional information is available here.

WSF Statutes

WSF action are based on the Statutes downloadable here.

For additional information on WSF check the official website