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Photo: 1) Ryo Aono © TACK, 2) Queralt Castellet ©Philipp Ruggli 3) Tim-Kevin Ravnjak ©TACK

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Yonex took its first big step into the snowboard world in 1995. Harnessing the vast knowledge gained from developing badminton, tennis and golf equipment produced using carbon, Yonex announced the world’s first all-carbon snowboard.

The emergence of an all-carbon snowboard left a major impact within an industry where wooden boards were the standard. Utilized in air and spacecraft, a snowboard produced completely from carbon proved to be a hot topic, even within Yonex’s native Japan.

Carbon snowboards are defined by their lightness, flex and durability. These characteristics are brought about via unique manufacturing processes along with nanotechnology, resulting in a new level of quality unparalleled by others. Due to carbon’s inherent strength, Yonex boards are extremely light, and the integrity of carbon allows for consistent high quality. Furthermore, thanks to the great amounts of flex, boarders are afforded huge air, and the boards also boast quick response for excellent carving. In short, Yonex snowboards are packed with everything required for boarders to pull off the most satisfying, complex and fun tricks.

Our drive to pack these very specific characteristics into our boards is born form the simple desire to provide boarders with the best board possible, and it is this spirit that defines the craftsmen who create these boards at our Japanese factories. In order to turn the valuable rider feedback we receive into a reality, we oversee and carry out every stage of production in our own factories. Day in and day out, we continue to devote ourselves to high quality and high performance.

For 20 years, Yonex has maintained its stance to pursue the best feeling in our boards by way of innovative technology and original concepts. While gradually gaining new fans of our boards, we continue to innovate new ways to deliver gear that can assist our competitors in earning the wins they desire. These Yonex-supported competitors include athletes like Ryo Aono, Queralt Castellet, and Antoine Truchon.

Yonex will continue to pursue even higher levels of innovation and quality in our products, and support the world’s competitors with top-quality made-in-Japan gear.

Photo: Antoine Truchon © Roland Haschka

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