Crucial 7 Differences | Dakine High Roller Vs Low Roller Snowboading Bags

Crucial 7 Differences | Dakine High Roller Vs Low Roller

Dakine has maintained its fame as a leading brand in the snowboard industry, thanks in part to its premium snowboarding accessories.

In particular, Dakine snowboard bags have been trendy for a long time for carrying snowboarding equipment. 

However, Dakine is capable of offering various snowboard bag options including Dakine high roller and low roller snowboard bags.

The high roller bag is roomier and can fit more accessories, whereas the low roller is lighter and easier to carry.

It is essential to select a bag that satisfies your desired criteria with more perfection. 

Along Dakine, there are other high-end snowboard bag manufacturers like Burton and Athalon. But Dakine High Roller’s sturdier chain is a big game changer.

The Struder chain ensures the durability of the bag, as well as you can fully open this chain for organized packaging.

The removable clothing bag of Dakine is also an attractive feature.

Is Dakine a good brand?

Dakine was founded in 1979 as a sports apparel and accessories manufacturer, the rest are the fiction of their advancement.

They offer the best quality backpacks, luggage, snow, and bike gear. Dakine is a good and sustainable brand for many reasons.  

Premium Quality:

Dakine is renowned for its commitment to top-notch quality, which it never compromises on.

If you ever had the pleasure of using a Dakine product, surely know how premium they are. Dakaine is always able to offer you an aristocratic feeling via the quality of its products.

Innovative and useful designs:

Innovative and useful designs of their backpacks, luggage, and other gear have established Dakine as a leading brand.

Especially Dakine backpacks and snowboard bags are unique from their close competitors. Users often like Dakine’s innovative ideas and rate them highly.

They even suggest others buy Dakine’s products.

Highly Sustainable Materials:

Dakine products are famous for long-term sustainability.

They use highly durable materials like fabric, zipper, and leather which ensure the long-term stability of the products. 

After-sell service:

Excellent after-sell service has done tricks for Dakine to make a bond with their customer. It offers a one to ten-year warranty, based on the product.

If needed, they repair or replace these products during this offered warranty period. Their warranty policy has a huge impact on their sales. 

Fame and Reliability:

For a significant amount of time, Dakine has been operating a business with fame and reliability. With time they have built a strong relationship with customer with their product.

Now they are one of the leading brands in the sports sector. Their high brand value back their huge fame and reliability. 

Dakine has established itself well in a highly competitive sports market. When buying from Dakine, you can be sure of getting something really handy and premium.

Dakine High Roller Vs Low Roller: 7 Major Facts to Know

Dakine bags are popular with many snowboarders. Both bags of Dakine offer snowboarders a comfortable movement with their snowboarding stuff.

Heavy-duty urethane wheels allow travelers a smooth movement in airports. Polyester ripstop water-repellent finish materials keep the boards and boots dry and safe.

The removable outerwear and boot bag help arrange everything more easily and perfectly. Though both high roller and low roller are produced from the same brand, they have a lot more dissimilarities between them. 

01. Sizes:

one of the most noticeable distinctions between the high roller and the low roller is their sizes. Dakine high roller comes in two available sizes, 165cm and 175 cm.

However, except for the length, other measurements are the same.

Dakine High RollerSizeDimension
165cm13.5×11.5×70 [34×29×178cm]
175cm13.5×11.5×74 [34×29×188cm].  

In opposite, the low roller comes in three available sizes. They are as follows.   

Dakine Low RollerSizeDimension
157cm12×6×67 [30×15×170cm], 
165cm12×6×70 [30×15×178], 
175cm12×6×74 [30×15×188cm]

2. Weight:

Dakine’s bags weigh differently because of their sizes. High rollers are the most multifunctional bags in Dakine, which makes the bag pretty massive and heavy.

165cm Dakine high roller weight is 3.2 kgs and 175 cm is 3.3 kgs. The low roller is lighter than the high roller.

Their weights are as follows.

  • 157cm-2.6kg
  • 165cm-2.7kg
  • 175cm-2.8kg

Many choose low rollers because of their lighter weight, in contrast, high rollers are the smart solution for carrying multiple items.

3. Capacity:

High roller bags are spacious compared to low roller bags. in a high roller bag, You can carry multiple snowboards and other gear all together.

However, a low roller surely contains less space than a high roller. It’s mostly suitable for carrying a single board and other kits like gear and boots.

In case, you are interested in carrying two boards in your low roller bag, remember, it will leave no space for your boots and bindings.

4. Price:

It’s not difficult to comprehend that Dakine’s high rollers and low rollers come in different prices. The official price of a Dakine high roller is $265.

Expectably, low rollers are cheaper. The official price of the Dakine low roller is $175. Before buying a new snowboard, have a look at online stores as they offer discounts sometimes.

It is highly recommended to buy the bag from the official store, as it ensures the after-sell service without any hassle. 

5. Design:

Based on Dakine’s claim, its high roller is the most multi-functional snowboard bag. The versatile design of this bag backed this statement.

Along the board, you can carry other stuff like boots and bindings in this bag.

It has two exterior zip pockets on the top that allow you to keep your essentials like travel papers, gloves, and tuning kits near your hand.

In contrast, The low roller is also good for keeping snowboards and other stuff but its design is quite simple and basic. 

6. Color Variety:

The Dakine low roller is the clear winner in the color variant segment. In case, You are buying a Dakine high roller bag, choosing between black and Cascade Camo Coated is obligatory, as it’s only available in two colors.

In opposite, the low roller dakine bags offer long-range color options like Black, Bison, Deep Blue, Deep Lake, Steel Grey, Woodland floral, Blue Graphite, Cascade Camo Coated, Port red, and more.

7. Removable unit:

To ensure more organized packaging, Dakine bag removal units are convenient. Dakine high roller bags offer two removable units, a boot bag, and an outerwear bag.

On the contrary, a single removable boot bag is only available in a Dakine low-roller snowboard bag.

What size snowboard bag should I get?

Determining the perfect size of snowboard bag for you is tricky, but it’s crucial to consider your expectations before deciding.

However, if you prefer Dakine and are confused about Dakine high roller vs low roller, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you are a solo rider and want to carry a single board, a low roller is the perfect size for you. In a low roller, you can carry a single board and bindings, boots, and other gears all together.

In contrast, a High roller should be your perfect pick if you don’t mind carrying multiple boards and other gears simultaneously.

A Dakine high roller is spacious and can carry two boards with boots, bindings, and other gear. The same method applies to other brands too. 

How big is the Dakine high roller?

Dakine High Roller is a massive bag with a lot of space in it. A glance at its measurement is surely adequate to realize how big a Dakine high roller is.

As we know, high roller has two variants 165 cm and 175 cm. The other measurements are equal. This vast measurement is considered for its extra weight.

Thanks to its heavy-duty wheel that helps you carry this huge bag. With this bag, you can carry three snowboards at the same time.

But you can not carry any other stuff if you carry three snowboards at the same time. But if you carry two snowboards, you still have a lot of space in your bag to carry your gear, boots, and bindings.

Can you wash a Dakine bag?

You can wash your Dakine bag if it gets dirty, but some basic guidelines are recommended to ensure the longevity of the bag. Hand washing is the best way to wash your Dakine bag.

Using mild soap, cold water, and a soft bristle brush is highly recommended. In case, you need to use a washing machine, you must do it in a front loader machine, otherwise, it can tangled in the machine.

Remember, you never should bleach your Dakine bag. Before storing, make sure your bag is dry from both outside and inside. A warm but shaded place is best to hang and dry your favorite bag.  

Are snowboard bags oversized?

Snowboard bags are typically larger compared to regular packages or luggage. Snowboarders are often tensed with the size of their snowboard bags as airlines and courier authorities add extra charges for oversized packages.

However, it’s very satisfactory that snowboards are not considered oversized packages and you do not need to count extra money while shipping or carrying your snowboard bags via courier or in an airplane.

Before loading your snowboard bag, make sure you are not crossing the weight limit to avoid additional charges. However, as an owner of a Dakine snowboard bag, you should be worry-free as it doesn’t cross the length limit of airlines or couriers.

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