Is There Any Difference Between Mens And Womens Snowboard?

Difference Between Mens And Womens Snowboard

Every winter, both men and women riders enjoy snowboarding equally. So both need to pick the perfect snowboard for them.

It’s obvious, the equipment used by snowboarders can be different based on gender because of many reasons.

Physical ability is one of the most important issues that differs the men’s and women’s equipment in snowboarding.

Snowboard is the main component of snowboarding, and the basic difference between mens and womens snowboarding should be discussed first while we are talking about the difference in snowboarding equipment based on gender.

However, I would like to suggest that you should choose your snowboard and other equipment wisely based on your physical ability and other preferences.  

Fundamental Difference between Men’s and women’s Snowboards

Difference Between Mens And Womens Snowboard

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s snowboards? To understand this, we have to go a little back.

Well, there was no special snowboard for women in the early days of the game. Surprisingly, we couldn’t find any women participants in the game until the late 1980s.

After 1980 women started to find interest in the game and started feeling the necessity of special customized snowboard for them.

Women got their first pro model snowboard in 1994. The Shannon Dun Board and Tina Basich Board are the first two boards for women.

However, women’s snowboards have some characteristics of their own. Let’s see some basic characteristics of women’s snowboard.

Size and Length: 

The size and length of women’s snowboard is shorter than the men’s snowboard. Usually, women’s snowboard length is between 138cm to 155cm.

Usually, women are shorter than men. So their board is short. It helps them to control the speed more accurately. But at high speed, shortboards are shakier than longer ones.


Women’s snowboard width is less than men’s snowboard like its length. You should choose it according to your height and foot size.

Women are usually shorter than men. So, their center of gravity is lower than that of men. Also, women’s feet are shorter than men’s.

It is difficult to control a wider board with a small foot. Less width gives more control to women.

A less wide board saves women from falling over from the board at high speed.

Flexibility and Stiffness:

Women’s snowboards are more flexible. Flexibility is very important in snowboarding. Flexibility means how much it can bend.

Women especially for beginner flexible board can be more suitable. Flexible snowboards are easy to control at low speeds and while performing tricks. On the other hand,

A stiff snowboard is more stable at high speed. But to control a stiff snowboard, you need more strength and physical ability. This is the reason experts suggest flexible boards for women.

Sidecut and shape:

The arc in the board is the sidecut of the snowboard. A more sidecut board is easy to flex.

Moreover, women should choose a board with more sidecut radios.

Graphics and Aesthetics:

While talking about mens vs womens snowboard boards their look, color, and aestheticism should be a really good issue.

Women often tend to choose more colorful and graphical boards. But men usually choose more simple but meaningful graphical and less colorful boards.

Though color and aestheticism don’t impact performance in snowboarding, they can have a good impact on snowboarders’ purchasing decisions.

Everyone has their taste in color. Besides, riders usually want to buy one of their own choices.

The colorful board always attracts women and influences buying decisions.

Misconceptions about Gender-specific Snowboards

There are indeed a lot more men snowboarders than women. So, women often face problems in finding the best equipment for them.

However, there are some misconceptions about gender-specific snowboards.

Women aren’t Comfortable on Men’s Snowboard

The most common misconception about women’s snowboarding is that women should only ride women’s boards. But it’s nothing but a myth.

You can ride a men’s snowboard if you have enough stamina to control it or if you need it for speed or to do tricks.

Lightweight Snowboards are more Convenient for Women

Another misconception is that many riders think women only should ride lighter and smaller snowboards and ignore the fact of their height and body weight.

They think it will be easier for them to operate a light board. But if you do so, you perhaps end up breaking your board or bones.

Moreover, as you see women usually buy snowboards based on gender. But rather than gender, it is more important than which type of terrain or event you are riding.

Hence, which is the best way to calculate the size of women’s or men’s snowboards? My opinion is you should buy a board for yourself based on your height, body weight, terrain, and the event that you want to ride.

It will help you to control your board, do tricks, or maneuver. If you are a woman but have a good height and body weight, then you should not buy a lighter or shorter snowboard.

Forget every myth and pick a board for you based on your personal needs.

How to Choose the Right Snowboard for You?

We have talked a lot about women’s snowboards. Choosing the right snowboard is very important for your performance.

So, you have to be extra cautious before buying a new board for you.

Well, I believe that it is wise to test and try different boards before choosing one for you. You will never know which one suits you most unless you use it.

Testing and trying different boards will help you realize the challenges or advantages of different boards.

Riding style:

Riding style varies from rider to rider. Based on the riding style, snowboarding is different.

Many riders like speedy rides, while others may choose it slow or do tricks like flipping and jumping. If you want to ride your board fast, then you need a long-neck board.

On the other hand, if you like to do tricks, you need a flexible and comparatively short board.

Terrain Preferences:

It is always important to that in which type of terrain you are riding while choosing a snowboard. For example, all-mountain boards can be used in any kind of terrain.

If you ride in a downhill terrain, you need a strong and stiff board to control your speed. If you are riding in a park, then you should choose a freestyle board.

For ungroomed snow, you can pick a freeride board. Splitboard is handy if u riding in the backcountry.

Personal Comfort:

Along with style and terrain, personal comfort is also important. Always pick a board that is comfortable for you.

No expert advice will you work if you are not comfortable with your board.

However, these processes of choosing the right snowboard apply to both men and women.

At A Glance

Naturally, men’s and women’s physical ability is different, and physically, men are taller and stronger than women.

But that should not be the only measurement while we are talking about men’s vs women’s snowboards.

When you are buying a new snowboard, you have to keep some key measurements in your head. The most important measurements are your height, weight, and foot size.

Manufacturers produce snowboards based on this measurement. Depending on physical ability, they make their board with different measurements.

We can see the chart below to get a basic idea about the difference between men’s and women’s snowboard.

There are very basic and well-known differences between men and women snowboarding. Let’s have a look at the table below.

FeaturesMen’s SnowboardWomen’s Snowboard
Length of the Board149cm-160cm138cm-155m
Width of the board24.5cm-26.5cm23.7cm-25.3cm
Flex and StiffnessComparatively StifferComparatively flex
Sidecut Radius7-10 meters6-8 meters
Tail and Nose Width28cm-31cm27.5cm-30.5cm
Design and GraphicsSimple design and light colorMore graphics and colorful

However, it is always better to buy your board based on your measurements, preferences, and more importantly requirements.

Besides, many boards come with great outlooks and better aerodynamic facilities but is it suitable for you, this will be the very first question that will arise if you are a passionate snowboarder.

Some Words

In snowboarding, women’s participation is increasing day by day. But still, there are not enough special snowboards in the market for women.

It is also true that the difference between men’s and women’s snowboards is not that much. Therefore, you can take any snowboard that is comfortable for you.

Just keep your measurements in your head, like your height, weight, and shoe size. However, if you want to buy a new snowboard, you should not worry too much about your gender.

It is better if you understand your own needs and body measurements and pick a board based on these.

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