Snowboarding vs Skiing: Is Snowboarding or Skiing Easier?

Is snowboarding or skiing easier

Snowboarding and Skiing are the two most widespread winter sports. Nevertheless, there are some similarities and dissimilarities between them.

When you are thinking about choosing one between these two favorite pastimes, you surely will want to choose an easier one to adopt.

Well, the answer to this question can be complicated. Skiing is easy at the early stage if we compare it with Snowboarding.

Snowboarding seems a bit difficult in the initial stage because of the attached feet on a single board and one-side view. 

But when we want to talk about subjugating the game Snowboarding is easier than Skiing.

However, you should choose wisely between these two games based on their long or short-term benefits. 

Is Skiing Or Snowboarding Easier?

Is snowboarding or skiing easier

Skiing is easy in the elementary stages of the game. But later, when you want to conquer this tournament, things become complicated.

The benefits of moving two legs separately become the challenge. When you do jump or flip, it’s a challenge to keep the board together.

On the other hand, Snowboarding is difficult in the first few days but later, with time, you will find it is easier than Skiing.

Thus, we can say in the long term, Snowboarding is easy than Skiing.

Basic Differences between the games:

Both Snowboarding and Skiing are about surfing on the snow with boards. In both games, you have to keep balance and propel yourself on a snowy slope.

But there are some basic differences between these two extreme sports. Let’s look at some basic differences below.

Board Number: 

One of the major differences between these two games is the number of boards.

In Skiing, riders use two separate boards for each leg, and in Snowboarding, there is only a single board for the rider’s feet.

Body Position:

In Snowboarding, riders face front, and their body position is straight. On the other hand, in Snowboarding, the rider’s body position is one-sided or transverse. 


A very comforting thing about Skiing is its vision. In Skiing, you can see everything in front of you. But in Snowboarding, you only have a side-on view.

Feet movement:

As ski riders use separate boards for their feet they can move their each leg separately. Snowboarders use a single board for both feet. Moreover, they have to move their legs simultaneously.

However, Skiing feels more natural in the first few days because of the straight body position and straight view. Once you can overcome these issues, you will be habituated to Snowboarding.

We can see the chart below of key figures and events that have shaped both sports.

Ski ridder use two separate board.Snowboard rider uses a single board.
Ski ridder uses two separate board.The view for the rider is side-on.
Skiing was first developed to ease transportation and hunting and for military use.Snowboarding was developed as a sport.
Skiing often contains a risk of a knee injury.Snowboarder faces more wrist injuries than knee.
Ski ridder uses two separate boards.The view for the rider is side-on.

These are the most common Figures and events that have shaped both games.

Snowboarding vs Skiing (The Basic Differences)

We know both games have some similarities, but they contain more dissimilarities. However, we should discuss briefly to understand the differences between these two popular winter sports.

Initial Objective: 

Surprisingly, Skiing is an ancient idea. The oldest proof of Skiing we can get is from China in 8000 BC. Hence, surely it was not developed as a sport at that time.

Ancient people used skis as a way of transportation in ice-covered areas. They also used it for hunting and military purposes. Skiing was first introduced as a sport in the 18th century by the Norwegian army.

On the other hand, Snowboarding was developed as a sport from the very first day of the sport.

It was first introduced by Sherman Poppen, an American engineer who designed a board for her daughter by fixing two ski boards together.

Later, his board became famous, and we got a new winter sport named Snowboarding. 

Difference of boards: 

In both games, the principal components are boards, but there are differences in the board’s amount, size, and shape.

In skis, riders use two separate boards for each leg that allow them to move their leg separately to control their speed and balance.

On the other hand, snowboarders use a single board that allows them to move forward but can’t move their legs separately.

Moreover, Ski boards are shorter than snowboards and have differences in shape. 

Differences in other components: 

In both games, you have to use a helmet and goggles to avoid head and eye injuries.

You also have to use boots for both games, but snowboard boots are flexible compared to ski boards.

One of the biggest differences is ski riders often use two poles to help their control and speed. But snowboarders don’t use any poles.

However, Snowboarding accessories are a bit cheaper than Skiing. 

the difference in body position and vision: 

Ski riding is quite natural as the riders ride on their board straight with two separate boards.

Because of this riding position, ski ridders get a clear view of their front and can comfortably propel them down the slope.

On the other hand, the Snowboard rider’s feet are attached to the board. Therefore, they can’t go straight and are unable to get a straight view.

Their ride is side-on furthermore they get a side-on view, and that is a maximum of 50 to 60 percent of their front.

However, this is just a problem for the snowboarders for the early few days of the game.

Types of injury:

Falling over from the board is very common in both rounds, especially in the early stages of the games.

However, the type of injury is different because of body and riding position.

In Skiing, the knee comes to the ground very first. Hence, ski riders often suffer knee injuries.

On the other hand, when a snowboarder falls over, they want to resist their fall with their hand. So snowboarders often suffer wrist injuries. 

Learning difficulties: 

Both Skiing and Snowboarding are games of ice and slope, but their learning process is different.

However, ski riders are often capable of learning the riding process because of separate boards and body straight position.

But Skiing takes time to overwhelm as it is tough to control both legs at the same time and in the same direction.

On the other hand, snowboarders face difficulties in the early stage because of body position and side view.

But once they are habituated to these, they can grasp the game quite promptly.

Speed, Air time, and control: 

Skiers often can go faster than snowboarders because of body positions. But snowboarders often get more air time and can do a variety of tricks than skiers.

Moreover, while landing, snowboarders get more control because of their single board and can use their knees as shock absorbers.

But Skiers face difficulties in lading after successful air time because of a separate board.

Difference in Events: 

Though both games are related to snow and slope, there are differences in their events. Popular ski events are Freestyle, Nordic, Alpine, and others.

On the other hand, popular snowboarding events are Free Style, Free Ride, Alpine, and others.

However, the differences between these two sports have brought more variety to their fan. Thus, winter is more enjoyable for the riders of both boards.

Table and analysis

Many issues have established those two games as unique and individual games. We can see the table below for more information.

Initial ObjectiveIt was developed as a sport from the beginning of the game.Ski was first developed as a way of transportation. Much later it evolved as a game.
Learning DifficultiesThe initial learning process can be complex.Initially, skiing is easier to ride and control.
Boards NumberSnowboarders use a single board.Skiers use two separate boards.
Body PositionSide-on body position.Straight body position.
SpeedModerate speed but comparatively lower than skiing.Skiing is faster than snowboarding.
Air timeGet more air time to do tricks and smooth landing.   Don’t get much air time and often landing is shaky.  
Equipment and AccessoriesSnowboard, boots, bindings, helmet, goggles, jacket.Skis, poles, boots, bindings, helmets, goggles, jacket.
Injury risksWrist injury is very common in snowboarding.Ski riders often face knee injuries.
Popularity by age groupIt is more popular among young riders.It is popular among various aged groups.
EventsThe popular events of snowboarding are freestyle, freeride, alpine, and others.  The popular ski events are Freestyle, Alpine, Nordic, and others.

The number of boards and body position are the core differences between these two sports. They are also responsible for other differences like speed, injury, events, etc.

However, both are great ways to enjoy winter.

Wrap Up

Snowboarding and Skiing have some unique features of their own. These features have established these popular winter pastimes separately.

The way of riding on the boards is different because of the board’s number and body positions. The types of difficulty in these two sports are also different.

Moreover, the answer to the question ‘is it easier to ski or snowboard?’ is different from their follower.

However, almost everyone agrees on one opinion that Skiing is easy in the primary stages of the game, but in the long run, Snowboarding is easier.

However, if you are thinking of a long-term benefit, you should go for Snowboarding.  

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