What Is Buttering Snowboard: The True Power of Snowboard Buttering

What Is Buttering Snowboard

A set of skills and techniques that allows a rider to enhance his riding style on a snowy slope is called snowboard buttering.

When a rider learns about what is buttering snowboarding, he simply wants to do it again and again.

This approach normally requires patience and practice. During the season, most riders put their time and effort to jingle on the snow.

And within some period, they can dominate their control. The reason is that it unlocks more potential for the rider and allows him to dance in the snow.

However, this whole snowboarding activity becomes more fun when a rider can show this talent to the crowd in public places.

What Is Buttering In Snowboarding?

What Is Buttering Snowboard

Buttering snowboarding has earned a lot of attention over the years. This skill allows a rider to easily control his weight shifts and movement on the board freely.

Buttering relates to controlling the weight on the board and balancing the creativity on the edges.

This skill originated from skateboarding, where riders started to emulate their movements with a smooth style.

It feels so good that it has become a part of the snowboarding culture, and you can see it almost everywhere now.

With time, riders are trying their best to gain different practices, which leads to finding new skills like buttering snowboarding.

Benefits of Snowboard Buttering:

Unique Style:

The major benefit of buttering snowboarding is that it unlocks a unique style for a rider.

Due to creative board manipulation, the rider can showcase his skills in the competition with a completely different perspective to wow the audience.

Greater Balance:

When a rider can play with the buttering course, he can gain better balance on the snowboard.

This makes him more dangerous for the competitors as he has better control of the weight adjustment and rides with enhanced stability.


When a rider has all the skills balanced on the snowboard, his versatility is also increased with time.

The ability to switch with transitions and perform various tricks with buttering becomes easier for a rider in no time.

Relevance in Terrain Parks and Freestyle Riding:

Terrain Park Skill:

Buttering on a snowboard is a creative skill that takes precedence. It is best to be applied in terrain parks and rails or jumps where it finds the best use in daily life.

Flair in Freestyle Riding:

With more creative styles and weight adjustments, it’s easy for the rider to perform skills in the descents.

Freestyle riding is improved, and it becomes easier to take turns to display a set of skills that others don’t possess.

Crowd Appeal:

As buttering snowboard style unlocks an advanced set of skills for the rider, it also enhances the crowd appeal and makes it even more fun to watch.

Riders who are in full control of their buttering style can simply get more attention from the crowd.

How To Do Butters On Snowboarding: Step-by-Step Direction

It is quite amusing to grasp the butter strategy on the snowboard, but it requires patience. To overwhelm this practice, one must have the skill of controlling fluid movements.

Having a precise board with proper weight-shifting control is a principal plus. This skill is an art, and it requires perfection to execute flawlessly.

As a beginner, you might have to learn it step by step to fully understand what buttering snowboarding means.

Step 1: Set Your Stance:

To begin, you have to choose a relaxed stance. For this, you have to bend your knees and put your weight in the center of the board.

When you start the butter procedure, you have to maneuver at a normal speed to make sure you have control and stability.

Then, try shifting your weight to the nose or the tail of your snowboard. This will allow you to control your direction easily.

Step 2: Board Control:

Having firm control of your snowboard is important. You must have a proper understanding of how you would do it.

Using your knees and ankles, you can flex the board and experiment with various moments. By tilting the board, you will be able to have controlled motion.

Step 3: Transition and Exit:

You can apply various transitions between the butter style and gradually shift your weight on the snowboard towards the center.

The movements should be fluid to have optimal performance and a balanced stance. Practice it to link it with other freestyle sticks, and you are good to go.

Buttering Snowboard Tricks

Various snowboard tricks can be learned with the buttering procedure. To unlock the full potential of a rider, it is a must that he practices on different terrains to gain full control of his board.

Different process practice can lead him to overpower buttering snowboard tricks with a little practice and patience over time.

A blend of creativity and skill is all that a rider needs. Once he has it, he can do different buttering tricks that involve the following:

Nose Butter:

For this trick, the rider has to follow a controlled approach and use a simple weight distribution towards the front of the board.

The weight is shifted with a front foot that lifts the tail of a snowboard at the back. In this way, he can experiment with spins and grabs by pressing the nose and see what else he can do.

Tail Butter:

In this process, the rider has to maintain a centered stance with a moderate speed. Then, he has to shift the weight with his back foot and lift the nose of the board.

Then, he can perform spins and grabs with the tail to subjugate different tricks.

360 Butter Spin:

This is a cool trick that starts with a controlled speed and an equal distribution of weight on the snowboard.

You have to start the butter and then go for a smooth 360 spin when keeping your focus on the board control. To learn it, you have to sync the spin with the buttering motion.

Butter Slides:

In this trick, you have to choose an inclined area for sliding. Then, you will follow up with a butter and a transition that leads to a controlled slide on the surface.

There, you can position different angles and practice which trick visually captivates everyone.

A Few Words

Buttering in snowboarding is a great skill for enjoying snowboarding with maximum potential.

Snow riders across the world are following this approach to level up their sport and have the most out of snowy days.

When you can conquer the butter method, you have a unique style that everyone will notice.

This gives you a competitive edge in the competition, as it allows you to become a better rider each day.

You just have to follow a complete practice procedure to fully understand what a buttering snowboard is.

Once you are into it, there is no going back, and these will become the best days of your life.

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