Burton Photon Vs Ion Snowboard Boots | 7 Basic Differences

Burton Photon Vs Ion

The differentiation of Burton Photon and Ion snowboard boots has always been a confusion for most of the riders.

As you must be aware the best riders choose the best boots for snowboarding, this is why they are very keen on observing the comfort and performance of their boots.

However, this is why Ion and Photon boots have been a top choice for everyone.

Each of these boots has something special to offer to the snowboard rider. While resembling Burton Photon and Ion boots, riders have a choice of going with comfort, or better control.

The design and construction of these boots are what sets their performance apart from any ordinary snow boots.

In case you are wondering which boots would be the best choice for your ideal snowboarding situation, then this is a detailed comparison of Photon and Ion snowboard boots.

Are Burton Snowboard Boots True To Size?

Yes, they are definitely. Besides, Burton snowboard boots are pretty much well known for their dedication to snowboard boots and their sizes.

Literally, they are true to size. It is clear because each of their product has a secure fit with a comfortable feel according to the foot size.

However, it’s important to note that different foot shapes and preferences vary, and the outer shapes may differ from one another based on a rider’s needs.

Generally, their boots take 5 days to break in, after which a rider can properly feel the comfort and understand its extended use.

These boots may not be the best choice for narrow feet due to a wider toe box.

But it’s best that you get a snowboard boot specialist’s recommendation first as each of the brands may have different sizing.

These boots are generally true to size based on their brand variation and lots of other individual factors.

In case you are not aware of what foot size you have to get Burton snowboard boots, then you can take the idea from this sizing chart offered by the brand.


Burton Photon Vs Ion Snowboard Boots: Basic But Major Differences

The Photon and Ion boots for snowboarding serve the same purpose but each of them has a slight difference in performance when considered by a professional rider.

As Burton is a renowned brand in the snowsports industry, it has made sure that these shoes satisfy a rider’s demand accordingly.

The choice may vary for a rider based on his riding style. So it is also important to fully understand and consider the differences between Photon and Ion boots for optimal results.

Here are the most prominent differences between these boots.

1. Level Of Comfort:

A major difference that you can feel between both of these boots is their flex and responsiveness.

The Ion model boots have stiffer flex which is why they are a great choice for those who are desiring maximum response and control.

On the contrary, Photon boots have a medium to stiff flex. Due to this, they offer a good balance of control and support on the slopes.

2. Control of Weight:

The weight of snowboard boots can really affect a rider’s performance on the slopes. Photon boots are lighter as compared to Ion boots.

Their medium-stiff flex build allows a rider to feel easy with them when snowboarding on the ice. The Ion boots are not as agile as Photon, but they are very responsive.

3. Adjustment of Footbed:

It is also important to consider footbed in the comparison of Burton Photon vs Ion as it is one of the critical factors upon which riders differentiate a boot.

Photon boots have level 2 molded EVA footbeds which offer great support to the heel and arch.

For Ion boots, Burton offers a level 3 molded EVA Footbed with great cushioning inside that allows smoother support and comfort for the foot.

This allows a rider to get maximum comfort and shock absorption without any hassle.

4. Balance Of The Outsole:

On Photon boots, you will find the Vibram Ecostep outsole. This outsole serves a great purpose in providing traction and durability for snowboarding.

The grip is excellent for any descents and hikes and these boots are also eco-friendly.

Conversely, the Ion model has Vibram XWing which is one step better than the Photon and offers maximum traction and durability.

5. Lacing Options:

Both of these boots have a different lacing system. The Photon boots have Speed Zone lacing that helps him to tighten the upper and lower zones for the boot independently.

Due to this, a rider easily adjusts the boots for a customized fit. Talking about the Ion boots, you will find the Dual Zone Boa Coiler system.

With this, the rider has a precise closure where he gets a dual-zone option to adjust the upper and lower zones of the boot.

6. Liner Technology:

As far as liners are concerned, both of these boots have distinct technology to provide a higher level of performance and comfort.

If you take the Photon boot, you will get Imprint 3 Liner that has Thinsulate insulations which gives a personalized fit to a rider’s foot.

In comparison, you will get Life Liner with DRYRIDE Heat Cycle on the Ion boots.

These boots offer superior heat retention, Tuff Cuff technology, enhanced longevity, and moisture-wicking properties.

7. Pricing Of Boots:

Boots pricing is also an important concern for the clients. The Burton Photon boots are a more accessible option if you are considering the price first.

These shoes come at a fair price to offer high-performance features to snowboard on any terrain.

But, the Burton Ion is a bit costly option as they are equipped with premium materials.

Do Burton Snowboard Boots Run Small?

No, as far as the majority is concerned, Burton snowboard boots are true to size. But, there is always an exception.

In some cases, there may be a possibility of different foot shapes that can make someone feel that the size must have run small.

But it’s not the case for everyone. You can refer to Burton’s sizing chart for a better overview.

Due to this, you will be able to get a better idea with accurate guidance according to the measurement of your foot.

There is always a possibility of going half a size up or down to suit your preference.

Can You Use Step On Boots With Regular Bindings?

It is not possible to use Step On boots with regular bindings. These boots are only made to work with Burton’s customized bindings for the model.

The custom bindings are made to work with a dual-entry mechanism system that allows easy in-and-out functionality.

So it is not possible to use Step On boots with regular bindings. The compatibility requirements won’t be met due to the difference in connection points.

This is why the manufacturer recommends Step On boots to be paired with the corresponding Step On bindings to get optimal performance and safety on the slopes.

Are Burton Step On Bindings Good?

Yes, these bindings are a great choice if your primary concern is the performance of your boots.

These Burton Step On bindings simply eliminate the need for basic strap bindings. Due to this, the rider has ease of getting in and out of the bindings with a dual entry mechanism.

The control becomes better on the snowboard and it becomes easier to maneuver it.

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