How Much is a Snowboard and Which Offers the Best Outcome?

How Much is a Snowboard

If you have $300 to $500 in your pocket, you are ready to buy a good snowboard initially. It’s true you have to invest before starting snowboarding.

But be careful and a bit realistic as you are going to invest a good amount of money for the most crucial component of this play.

Indeed, owning a personal board is significant for many reasons to each board’s owner.

Hence, every rider has unique styles and techniques which are most valuable and precious, furthermore, a perfect snowboard with proper gear is so crucial to maximize the charm.

Based on the snowboarder’s demands and preferences, it can be customized in many ways.

Since a customized snowboard has the ability to push the performance to its peak, what is obviously the rider’s requirement.

However, Price must be the first concern when you are thinking of having a personal snowboard.  Some inevitable factors like board materials, type, purpose, and brand influence snowboard price.

Thankfully, a long range of variety is now available in the snowboard market, offering you numerous options to make an optimal purchase decision. 

How much is a good Snowboard?

How Much is a Snowboard

To purchase a good snowboard, you should have a budget of at least $450 to $700. According to the market, anything below this price, may not meet the requirements that you expect from a good snowboard.

Furthermore, in this price range, you can find your desired snowboard from prominent snowboard brands like Burton, Nitro, Salomon, Lib Tech, and Never Summer.

Knowing some characteristics can help you recognize a good snowboard. These characteristics should include:

Board Materials:

Board materials play the most important role in defining the characteristics of a snowboard. To make an advanced snowboard, producers have to use high-end materials.

For example, using carbon reinforcing rods makes the board stiffer and durable, in contrast, this process adds more cost. 

Expertise Level:

Knowing your expertise level is essential before buying a snowboard. Keep in mind that beginners are never targeted for a higher-priced good snowboard.

Before owning a board, discover for which level of expertise the board is made for.


Leading snowboard manufacturers are often mindful of maintaining their brand value.

This obligates them to produce quality products. This is why notable brands are always recommended to identify good snowboards.

Flexibility and stiffness:

Flexibility is important for a snowboard. The flexibility of a snowboard helps riders to control their board. Stiffness ensures board durability.

The ability of purpose fulfillment:

Depending on the purpose, snowboards are different. Some are designed for speed, while some are good for doing tricks.

You can consider your snowboard as a good one if it is capable of meeting your needs.

Before heading to grab a new snowboard, make sure, your board contains these characteristics. 

Renting Snowboards: How much is it to rent a snowboard

Renting can be a cost-effective solution for those who disagree with spending a lot of money for a new board yet wish to explore something different from their regular board.

It works for beginners also who want to know the experience of snowboarding without a huge investment.

How much it takes to rent a snowboard for a day depends on which type of board you will rent. Usually, you can rent a snowboard for $40 to $100. The price includes gear also. 

How to Rent A Snowboard:

Before renting a Snowboard, pre-inspection is required. You must specify your needs to rent the most suitable board for you.

You can talk with other snowboarders in your park to identify the best rental options. Yet, you can rent snowboards and gear from both offline and online stores. 

Direct from Store:

To rent a snowboard and gear you can go to a local shop where renting options are available. Many shops near you offer you board and gear for rentals.

You can take the help of Google Maps to find the nearest one for you. Another great option is a snow park. Almost every snow park offers snowboards and gear for rentals. 

Online store:

If you want to rent a board or gear from your home you can do it online. Once your order is confirmed, they will send it to you by courier. and you have to return these by courier as well.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Visit your preferred websites and add your desired boards, gear, or any other thing in your cart that you want to rent.
  2. Enter the total days you want to rent for.
  3. You have to provide your desired size of the board and other gear.
  4. The final step is about address and billing. After providing a valid address and phone number they will ask you to pay the bills. You can use your credit card to pay the bill.

Burton, Snowrental, and Tahoe Daves are well-known online stores for renting snowboard and snowboarding gear.

The chart below will help you to understand the rates of rental.

GearRental Price (Per day)
Snowboard$30 – $45

How much is it to ship a snowboard Home

Shipping snowboards can be a bit troublesome, as snowboards are usually considered oversized packages.

Regardless, many courier services allow snowboard height as a normal package and charge accordingly.

Therefore, shipping with such services can be best to minimize shipping costs. Some reputed courier services like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL are the best options available.

Based on distance and package size, these courier charges $24 to $90.

They allow nearly 120 to 160 inches packages as regular packages and even don’t charge any additional fees for snowboard length.

You can see the chart below to know the cost of your snowboard shipping.  

Name of CouriersCharge (In Dollars)Working day to Arrive
               USPS           24        2/3
                UPS           26         3
               FedEx           42         3
                 DHL          89         2

Cost Factors of Shipping a Snowboard:

While shipping your boards, keep in mind that certain factors affect courier charges.

Oversized: Due to their size, handling a snowboard is critical.  Shipping companies often add extra fees if your boards cross their size limits. 

Distance: Distance increases shipping costs, especially when you ship it overseas. For a longer distance, compare the rates, whether it is profitable to ship your board or rent a board in your destined place.

Extra weight: Couriers often charge more for extra weight. It is recommended to ship your board and very essential items only. Avoid extra items to cut your courier charges. 

Therefore, shipping your snowboard insurance is optional. Courier companies usually provide insurance of 50 to 100 dollars for their shipment though it doesn’t cover much.

You can purchase added insurance for your mental satisfaction. If you want to skip it, pack your board carefully with a perfect box.

Don’t worry, couriers are professional, and handle packages with care. 

How much is a used snowboard?

If you are hesitant to buy a new board for any reason, consider buying a pre-owned one. It is good for regular and intense purposes, especially when you are new.

Based on models, brands, and other factors you can buy a used board in a price range of $100 to $500.

Eventually, You can buy used snowboards via multiple mediums. 

  • Online: There are some online stores where you can buy used snowboards. Evo, Geartrade, and Absolute Snow are some well-known sites to buy a used snowboard.
  • Offline: It’s better to buy a used snowboard from offline sources, as it provides you the opportunity to inspect the board perfectly before purchase. You can buy a used snowboard from the other riders of your park, or local shops.

Remember, some basic guidelines should be followed before purchasing a used snowboard. The following criteria should be the main considerations. 

  1. Age: Snowboard age is a big factor when you are trying to buy a used board. Used board prices should never be more than 40 to 60 percent of the main price. If you can make a wise purchase, you can get a used board between $100 to $300, which is definitely, more economical than renting a snowboard.
  2. Conditions: When purchasing a used snowboard, considering the board conditions is essential. Many pre-owners use their board with care and proper maintenance. Owning a well-maintained board can serve you for the next two or three seasons.
  3. Brands: Considering the resale value, buying a used but good branded board can be wise. For example, a new Men’s Burton X Camber snowboard price is nearly $850. You can spend nearly $400 to buy it, after its first season. Yet, it’s a wise investment for sure, as it has the potential to yield a good return if you decide to sell it in the future. 

Some tips should be helpful for you in a tricky negotiation in terms of price. 

  • Always try to buy used boards directly from the first user. Avoid any middlemen.
  • Find out the actual price and features from the online sources. Make sure buying the used one is saving cost. 
  • Inspect the board condition properly and negotiate the price accordingly. 

Remember, usually used boards don’t offer any warranties or any chance of returns. So be very cautious before finalizing the deal.


Before owning a snowboard, it’s essential to specify your needs and choose a board that can fulfill all of them.

Nevertheless, a wide variety is visible in snowboard and gear prices, based on factors like brands, materials, and others.

It’s always better to spend your money on new boards and gears, as it ensures a long-time service and a good resale value.

But, if you are on a budget, purchasing a used one, or renting can be a wise decision.

Let us know, whether you are owning a new board this season or renting to try something new. 

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