Why Are Snowboards So Expensive & Exorbitant?

Why Are Snowboards So Expensive

Snowboards are a choice for many sports enthusiasts but they come at a hefty price and it makes everyone wonder why are snowboards so expensive.

However, the reason is that they are developed with advanced technology that goes well along with precise crafting.

They form high-performance boards that can take on the slopes like a piece of cake.

Professional snowboarders understand the use of a high-quality snowboard which is why they are always ready to pay a hefty price for it.

If you are still left in the thoughts about why is snowboarding expensive, then today, I will clear everything to you about these expensive snowboards.

Why Is Snowboarding So Expensive?

Why Are Snowboards So Expensive

The sports market is filled with different types of snowboards. Each snowboard does have a separate use based on its weight and crafting style.

By looking at different prices, one can distinguish that various snowboards are being offered by various manufacturers.

The prices of snowboards can heavily rely on various factors. This includes brand, features, and the type of snowboard being purchased.

A basic snowboard for a new rider may cost somewhere between $200 to $400, but for a professional rider, it can go up to $1200.

For a better overview of how expensive is snowboarding, we can look at each factor individually.

Material Quality:

The quality of the material used in a snowboard plays a great role in its price.

A high-quality snowboard is constructed with materials such as carbon fiber, specialized wood cores, and advanced composites. This of course means a higher price tag.


The brand plays another important role that contributes to the price of a snowboard.

The reason is that brands offer high-quality and durable snowboards that show great results in terms of performance. This allows them to set the price tag of their choice.

The cost for new or basic snowboards may be average, but if a brand is selling a hot product that has a great image overall, then the price tag for such a snowboard goes above $700.

Different Type of Snowboard:

The snowboard type also affects the pricing range. A basic or low-quality snowboard will cost much less and it won’t be very easy to control.

If you want to go for an all-purpose snowboard that is easy to control, you will have to spend lots of money.

Technological Factors:

If a snowboard has a specialized edge design, damping system, or an advanced rocker profile, that surely means that it’s going to cost you.

This is a critical factor that makes snowboarding expensive. But, the premium features justify the price of these snowboards.

Research and Development Factor:

Some brands prefer to research heavily in the development of ultimate snowboards that outperform all the competitors.

This costs them a lot, and hence they have to set a higher price tag for their product. The prototyping, testing, and refining designs, are factored into the final price of the snowboard.

Basic Reasons Why Snowboarding Is Expensive

The 6 most preferable reasons can tell you how is snowboarding expensive.

Quality Comes at a Cost:

The use of materials like carbon fiber and other things ensures that the final product is of high quality. But in doing so, the cost is raised.

Quality is offered to the customers but they have to pay the price accordingly.

Costly Innovation:

The integration of damping systems, and suitable edge designs take a lot of hard work to finalize. To get the most precise and secure outcomes, companies invest heavily.

Due to this, the manufacturers have to set a high price tag for the intricate manufacturing processes and the overall cost of production.

Premiums and Add-ons:

There is also a choice for professional snowboarders to add more extras to their board. Having premium wood and other additions on the board makes it very costly.

The riders get a top quality product and the investors get their money with profit.

Rider Specific Style:

It can cost a lot to a rider if he looks for a specific type of snowboard that fits well with his style. Generally, some riders can have a terrain-specific riding style.

Based on that, they have to test and choose a snowboard that gives them complete control of the track.


The most precisely cut and well-manufactured snowboards are very expensive. These artisan snowboards are often in limited quantity and have a unique styling.

This is why they are set for a higher price in the market so that only a passionate rider pays the price for it.

Material Comparison Table

MaterialCharacteristicsImpact on Cost
FiberglassFlexibility: Provides flexibility for a responsive ride.Cost Factor: Moderately priced, making it a common choice.
Durability: Adds strength and durability to the board.
Weight: Relatively lightweight.
Carbon FiberStrength: Exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.Cost Factor: High cost due to advanced manufacturing.
Stiffness: Offers stiffness for enhanced performance.
Lightweight: Adds minimal weight to the overall board.
Wood CoreFlexibility: Natural wood cores provide good flex.– Cost Factor: Moderately priced, varies based on wood type.
Damping: Absorbs vibrations, contributing to a smooth ride.
Weight: Generally heavier compared to some alternatives.
AluminumStiffness: Provides stiffness and stability.Cost Factor: Higher cost due to material and manufacturing.
Durability: Resistant to impact and wear.
Weight: Adds weight to the board.
ABS PlasticDurability: Resistant to impact and abrasion.Cost Factor: Relatively low, contributing to affordability.
Weight: Lightweight and does not significantly impact weight.
Flexibility: Adds some flex to the board.

Most Expensive Snowboards & Their Specialities

An expensive snowboard is always the one that has the best-crafted design, and the best material used. Generally, the reputation of a brand is the major cause of high prices.

The reason is that brands always ensure to use of good quality and technology in the making of these snowboards.

A good snowboard can go somewhere above the $600 to $1200 range based on the rider’s style and preference.

Some factors can help you get a rough estimate of how much are snowboards.

High-End Composites:

When a snowboard is crafted from high-end composites like carbon fiber, it raises its price naturally.

The reason is that such materials make them lightweight and there is enough stiffness with exceptional strength that a rider would enjoy for years.

Innovative Features:

It becomes expensive when a snowboard is launched with an innovative design and other features like a damper profile.

Having an innovative snowboard is fun, but it is costly because of the amount that manufacturers have spent on its making.

Handcrafted Excellence:

The most expensive snowboards are often crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on artisanal craftsmanship.

Limited production runs, handmade finishes, and exclusive designs contribute to the elevated price tag, appealing to riders seeking uniqueness and premium quality.

Brand Reputation:

Brands also sell their names. Once a brand has launched a premium product, it becomes obvious that the price will be high.

With their reputation, they are able to assure customers of their quality services and future dealing for better sales.


Snowboarding is a passionate activity which is why each board is made with precision. The cost of these boards is high because the craftsmanship that is required to make one good snowboard isn’t easy.

When customers get a visually stunning product, they have to pay the price accordingly.

Regarding this, some high-end snowboard brands are selling their snowboards at a very expensive rate. This includes the following names:

  • Burton
  • Never Summer
  • Lib Tech
  • Jones Snowboards
  • Arbor Snowboards
  • Capita Snowboards

The below tables give a comparison of how much are snowboards based on different factors.

BrandModelPrice Range (USD)Key FeaturesBrand Reputation
BurtonCustom X$600 – $1,000Carbon Highlights for lightweight strength.Pioneer in the industry; trusted and innovative.
Sintered WFO base for speed and durability.
The Channel binding system for versatile adjustments.
Never SummerWest Bound$700 – $900Fusion Rocker Camber for all-mountain versatility.Handcrafted excellence with a focus on quality.
Carbon laminates for increased responsiveness.
Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 base for durability.
Lib TechT.Rice Pro HP$600 – $900C2X Hybrid Rocker/Camber for aggressive riding.Eco-friendly focus; known for innovation.
Magne-Traction edges for enhanced edge control.
Horsepower Construction for lightweight strength.
Jones SnowboardsFlagship$700 – $1,000Directional shape for exceptional backcountry performance.Founded by Jeremy Jones; known for backcountry focus.
Founded by Jeremy Jones; known for its backcountry focus.
Founded by Jeremy Jones; known for its backcountry focus.
Arbor SnowboardsBryan Iguchi Pro Camber$600 – $800System Camber for powerful turns and control.Aesthetic excellence; commitment to sustainability.
Grip Tech edges for enhanced edge hold.
Highland II Core for lightweight strength.
Capita SnowboardsBlack Snowboard of Death$650 – $900Alpine V2 Profile for versatility in all conditions.Innovative design; commitment to pushing boundaries.
Titanal struts for enhanced stability at high speeds.
FSCā„¢ certified Dual Core for lightweight strength.

Cheap Vs Expensive Snowboards

Snowboards come in different sizes and shapes and they do have different qualities as well. Based on these, they also have various prices.

Generally, snowboards with fewer features are very cheap and are preferred for beginners.

On the other hand, snowboards that are well crafted and made with precision, have a very high price tag.

The comparison of cheap vs expensive snowboards can be easily done based on the following three points:

Material Quality:

The material quality is one of the factors that decide the price of a snowboard. A cheap one doesn’t have good quality material.

An expensive one is made from specialized wood or carbon fiber which significantly increases its value.


Features are also another factor that contributes to the price. A basic snowboard doesn’t offer any features which is why you can get it at a very cheap price.

An expensive one can have a rocker profile as well as a new design to impress everyone.

Brand and Art Work:

The work of art done on a snowboard along with the reputation of a brand also increases or decreases the price of snowboard.

A local snowboard is cheap whereas a branded one can cost double the money.

YearTechnological Innovation
1980sIntroduction of the first snowboard bindings and metal edges.
1990sAdoption of the twin-tip shape for improved freestyle riding.
2000sEmergence of hybrid camber profiles, combining camber and rocker.
2010sIntegration of advanced materials like carbon fiber for strength.
2020sSmart snowboard technology with embedded sensors and data tracking.

As you can see from the table, snowboards have evolved over all these years. Started in the 1980’s, they were just introduced with binding and metal edges.

With time, they were adapted to twin-tip shapes and hybrid camber profiles.

After the year 2010, the use of advanced materials like carbon fiber put them one step forward.

And now in the 20s, they are loaded with new tech features like sensors and data tracking for a more connected and better snowboarding experience.

Some Words

The advent of snowboards has changed the way human beings used to enjoy snow. This grew into a passion for many and these snowboards are loved worldwide.

No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, there is a snowboard for you. By analyzing a chart and looking at your profile, you can determine how expensive is snowboarding.

Whether it’s an expensive one or a cheaper one, this all depends on your personal preferences. So choose wisely.

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