Do You Need Goggles To Snowboard with Your Helmet?

Do You Need Goggles To Snowboard

Snowboarding is a great outdoor movement for youngsters to have a good time. But it does require the riders to be fully equipped with suitable equipment.

Since, this generally includes a helmet, goggles, a safety suit, and shoes.

But a lot of beginners sometimes still ask “Do you need goggles for snowboarding?” The answer to this thought is a big Yes.

Indeed, the goggles help to enhance the visibility of a rider as well as protect his eyes from the harsh elements in the air. This gives it a peaceful and enjoyable ride.

A snowboarder must face cold wind down the slopes and be prepared for it. The goggles serve a dual purpose in snowboarding activities.

It protects the riders’ eyes from harsh weather conditions and enhances the overall experience.

Understanding the importance of goggles is important here. Snowboarding requires proper dedication and commitment from the rider.

This is why a rider must be prepared for this activity using suitable gear.

Why Do You Need Snow Goggles To Snowboard

Do You Need Goggles To Snowboard

For snowboarding, weather is one of the critical factors to consider. Whether it’s a snowing outside, or a sunny day, lots of factors are the reason one must wear goggles to snowboard.

These goggles play a great role in protecting the eyes from any damage or impact to block the vision of a rider down the hill.

1. Protection from Wind, Snow, and Debris:

The major advantage of using such goggles is that, your eyes are protected at all costs. A rider goes down at a great speed which exposes his eyes to biting winds and swirling snow.

If he isn’t using goggles, this can have a serious impact on his eyes and can also damage his eyesight.

These goggles act as a barrier between the eyes and the environment to keep the rider safe.

2. UV Protection for Eyes:

Another advantage that goggles provide to snowboard easily is UV protection. UV rays are a potential threat to the eyes.

The snowboard goggles are equipped with UV protection that serves as a crucial defense mechanism, keeping the eyes from harmful radiation.

If a person isn’t using goggles, he can face conditions such as snow blindness and long-term damage to the eyes.

3. Better Visibility in Different Light Conditions:

Goggles with specialized lenses are designed to adapt to various light conditions.

This becomes another great advantage for the rider to go down fast on the slopes without worrying about visibility issues.

So, the terrain or environment is never a problem for a rider and he can easily make decisions within split seconds while changing sides or cutting through any corner.

4. Prevention of Snow Blindness:

There is a term called snow blindness, which often happens to riders who don’t wear goggles.

This photokeratitis is a temporary loss of vision that occurs when the human eye is overly exposed to UV rays.

Due to the glare and blindness caused by this effect, a rider can face consequences that lead to its death.

By minimizing exposure to harmful light, goggles play a crucial role in avoiding the discomfort and dangers related to it.

5. Protection for Weak Eye-Sighted People:

If we see it generally, any rider who wears prescription glasses will have visibility issues. The same is the case with the people who wear contact lenses.

It makes it hard for them to see properly through the slopes when they are snowboarding at high speed.

These goggles have a prescription-friendly design that offers a good visibility solution for snowboard riders.

All of these benefits add up to make goggles a permanent part of the equipment that is necessarily required in snowboarding.

With such protection, it becomes easier to take part in different snowboarding activities no matter what the weather conditions. They work best equally for all.

Types of Snowboard Goggles

There are multiple types of snowboard goggles available on the market today.

The diverse range of options ensures that every kind of style is met and each quality of goggles is sold out to different riders according to their basic needs.

This makes them a versatile choice for various riders. The common ones are:

1. All-Mountain Goggles:

As the name explains, these are durable snowboard goggles that can withstand any tough environment.

Usually, they are best suited for slopes that have rough power, backcountry trials, and other harsh tracks which can leave an impact on the visibility of a rider.

These goggles excel in all such terrains without impacting the vision no matter whether it’s day or night.

2. Freestyle Goggles:

Moving on to the next one, the freestyle goggles are a great option to consider for riders who love doing tricks and jumps.

The reason behind their common choice is that these goggles offer a wide field of view for all.

This is why it becomes easier for a freestyle stunt rider to spot obstacles and get through them easily while having full control of the snowboard.

3. Backcountry Goggles:

If you are living in a country area full of rough terrains, then backcountry goggles are the best go-to choice.

These types of goggles emphasize durability, fog resistance, and UV protection.

They are a suitable choice because they have magnetic lenses installed in them that can be changed at times. And they provide a wider view of any untamed mountainous terrain.

4. Low-Light Goggles:

Some goggles are specifically made for low-light conditions.

These nighttime gaggles are equipped with suitable lenses that help to maximize the visibility with light at night.

This helps a rider to easily through those dark spots and take easy turns without bumping into different things after it goes dark everywhere.

5. Prescription-Compatible Goggles:

Some riders may have a skin problem or an eyesight problem. They need a suitable goggle that ensures the safety of their eyes as well as their comfort too.

The prescription-compatible goggles are a great choice for this matter as they serve well to the riders who wear contact lenses.

These are special goggles that serve a great purpose to a specific range of riders.

Overall, getting the right type of goggles for snowboarding is extraordinarily necessary. The reason for this is that each individual can have a specific or different choice of vision.

Some may vary based on the weather conditions. These 5 common goggle types are well-suited for any conditions to enhance the snowboarding experience of all the riders.

How To Choose Snowboarding Goggles?

Choosing a snowboard goggle might be a tough task. Beginners don’t know what to look for when selecting a good snowboarding goggle.

The right fit for one’s visibility and basic needs might not be the ideal choice for the other one.

There are some useful tips that can help you with your shopping when choosing a snowboard goggle.  


When you are about to choose a snowboard, its fitting is the first thing that comes to mind.

Any goggles that a rider is about to choose must fit well according to his face.

Lens Type:

Focusing on the lens type is another consideration. For bright, sunny days, it is best to go for the goggles that have darker lenses. This reduces glare.


As the goggles are pretty tight, it is just that they should also have adequate ventilation. This helps to prevent fogging, especially during tough rides.

The best choice is to use anti-fog-coated goggles that also offer effective ventilation systems.

Compatibility with Helmets:

Compatibility is a crucial factor when choosing goggles. The type of helmet you are wearing might have a problem with the attachment of your new goggles.

So keep this point in mind. There are some goggles with adjustable straps and flexible frame shapes.

They can be easily fitted with your helmets. Choose such goggles for snowboarding so that you can get a secure and comfortable fit.

Table and Analysis

BrandLens TypeUV ProtectionVentilationFit (Over Glasses)
OakleyPolarized100% UVExcellentYes
SmithAnti-fog100% UVSuperiorYes
AnonInterchangeable100% UVGoodYes
DragonPhotochromic100% UVAdjustableNo
BolleDouble Lens100% UVVentedYes

From the illustration above, it is quite easy to comprehend what goggles type would be the best fit for you.

Oakley goggles are a top choice with polarized lenses as they have excellent ventilation and UV protection for the riders.

Smith goggles are pretty much great from other options when your priority is choosing goggles with anti-fog benefits.

The anon offers interchangeable lenses but still, it is 100% UV protected just like the other ones mentioned here.

Other than these, the Dragon goggles have adjustable ventilation choice which also brings up a point to consider that it doesn’t fit well over glasses.

In the end, Bolle goggles have double lenses that are well-ventilated according to a user’s preference.

Final Words

The importance of goggles in snowboarding is undeniable. By taking a look at various types of goggles, it’s easy to understand why you need goggles to snowboard.

They provide maximum protection and better visibility for snowboarding.

It is simple to understand that taking care of your health and safety should always be the priority, so it is wise to choose the best goggles in the first place.

Once you make the right decision, you will never regret it. The vast variety of choices will allow you to choose the best fit according to your requirements

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