How Many Calories Do You Burn Snowboarding According to Your Weight & Height?

How Many Calories Do You Burn Snowboarding

The extreme sport of winter, snowboarding, is both entertaining and a great way to keep your body fit. It is a fun way to burn calories.

How many calories do you burn while snowboarding depends on how long and intense you are roaming with your board?

However, your body weight also recreates an essential role in burning calories.

Depending on weight, a successful one-hour snowboarding session can help you burn 300-700 calories.

If you have ever tried snowboarding, you know that snowboarding involves a lot of energy and body muscles.

You have to use your hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and some other muscles to speed up and guide your ride.

This wholesome process of snowboarding helps you to stay fit by burning your calories. 

snowboarding Burns Calories, But How Much?

How Many Calories Do You Burn Snowboarding

Burning calories is an issue that no health-conscious person can ignore.

If you fail to burn extra calories in your body they will deposited as fat in your body which brings health hazards.

Adequate physical activities help in burning extra calories from our physique. So, why your picks should be snowboarding?

Other physical activities like walking and running can be boring.

On the opposite, Snowboarding is a joyous way of physical movement as studies found it releases Endorphin, a neurochemical that creates the feeling of happiness. 

However, there are some specific reasons behind the process of burning calories during snowboarding.

They are as follows.

Muscle Involvement:

A lot of muscle involvement is required in snowboarding. For example, you have to use your hamstring and quadriceps to propel your board.

The more you involve these muscles, the more speed you can generate in your board.  Moreover, you have to use these muscles rapidly to control your board.

This process of using your muscles burns a large number of calories.

Energy engaged:

Snowboarding is well-known as an extreme sport. Like other extreme sports, snowboarding demands a lot of energy.

You need vast energy to increase and control your speed. Moreover, your heart has to remain more busy than usual during snowboarding.

So, snowboarding is established as a great cardiovascular exercise and also as a fun way of burning calories.

Time Duration of session:

All of us know snowboarding is a hard game in terms of energy engagement. However, if you do this hard work for a long time it will help you burn more calories.

For example, someone who weighs 150 pounds, can burn 189 calories by snowboarding in 30 minutes and 379 calories in one hour.

So more time you are busy with your board you burn more calories.                                                                                  

However, you can see the chart below for a better understanding of how body weight and time impact calories burned in snowboarding.

How Many Calories Do You Burn When Snowboarding: At a Glance

  LBS  KGS            Calories Burned Snowboarding (Kilo Calories)  
15 Minutes30 Minutes45 Minutes60 Minutes

Factors influencing Caloric expenditure

It is tough to measure the exact amount of calories burned in a certain period of time. Caloric expenditure by snowboarding depends on some factors.

In case, you want to have a broad knowledge of these variables here are some details about them. 


Intensity during snowboarding plays the most exigent role in calorie burns. More intensity demands more energy.

For example, if you want to go faster you have to engage more energy to control your turn and speed. When you are spending more energy, surely it is burning more calories.


In every physical exercise, session duration plays a key role in calorie burning.

Snowboarding is no exception. A man who weighs 180 pounds can lose only 106 calories in a 15-minute snowboarding session.

The same person can lose 454 calories in an hour snowboarding session. This example is enough to understand how session duration impacts calories burned. 

Body Weight:

Body weight may be the most crucial factor, but we oversee it almost. How much energy you need to move your body depends on your weight.

Two different individuals can burn different amounts of calories based on their body weight. If someone is heavier than another one, he/she can burn more calories within half an hour.

But the duration depends on some crucial factor, so if you are a newbie must learn with proper protection and gear with guidance.

For example, someone who weighs 150 pounds, can burn 189 calories by snowboarding in 30 minutes and 379 calories in one hour.

So, the more time you are busy with your board you burn more calories.


Severe cold temperature helps snowboarders in calorie burning. Colder weather triggers a more robust thermogenic response that ensures more caloric expenditure.

Snowboarding, as a winter sport, always takes place below zero degrees Celsius. So, it snatches more calories from riders.

Snow conditions:

Which type of terrain or ice you are riding can define the digit of your caloric expenditure.

You have to spend more energy on fresh powder ice to guide your movement. Riding on groomed ice is easier, so it burns less calories.  

These factors have an outright relation to your caloric expenditure. So, be very sure you are calculating these issues on your next ride.

Snowboarding and other winter activities

Besides snowboarding, other winter activities like skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, and others can be fruitful for burning calories.

But choosing snowboarding can be a wise decision because of several compelling reasons. 

Riding style:

The snowboarding riding style is unique. It needs more dynamic movements like turns and jumps where others are just going straight.

Moreover, a snowboard ride is a side-on ride. So, especially for beginners, riders have to use more energy for riding.

Losing control and falling from the board is also very common for freshers. So they burn more calories to recover them.Β 

Muscle Used:

Compared to other winter activities, snowboarding engaged more body muscles. You have to use lower body muscles for speed and control and upper body muscles for control.

In other games like skating, skiing, and snowshoeing you only use either lower or upper body muscles.

Engaging full body muscles, Ensures more caloric expenditure in snowboarding.

Used REM:

REM is the unit of measuring oxygen during an activity. It can indicate how hard the work is. Compared with other winter activities, Snowboarding demands less oxygen but burns more calories.

The chart below for 180-pound men can make a better understanding.

ActivitiesREM15 minutes30 minutes45 minutes60 minutes
Skiing, general7.0143286428572
Skiing, cross country,>8 mph153066129191225
Snow shoveling by hand, Moderate5.3108216325432
Snow blower2.551102153204
Skating, general7.0143286428572
Skating, speed, competitive13.32715438141102

If you notice the chart carefully you will be able to realize how snowboarding can burn more calories comparatively.

Yes, there are more activities like Skiing, Skating, Biathlon, and others in the chart that can burn more calories but look at their REM value.

Yes, it’s way higher than snowboarding. It indicates those activities demand more energy, oxygen, and intensity.

So, relatively, snowboarding can burn more calories than other winter activities.

Wrap It Up

Snowboarding is the most entertaining way to enjoy the snow and winds of winter. It is a favorite winter pastime to many for its numerous health benefits.

There are other winter activities that also can be beneficial for your health. But, none can offer you more joy and calorie burning at the same time as snowboarding does.

However, the amount of caloric expenditure largely depends on you as it fluctuates with your weight, activity time, and intensity.

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